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Free Marijuana Questionnaire and Screening Tool

Health care professionals — whether psychiatric professionals, addiction counselors, or general medical practitioners — can use this free questionnaire and five-question Severity of Dependence Scale when screening patients to determine their level of marijuana use.

After downloading the questionnaire and screening tool, start by assessing the participant’s level of marijuana use in the past, first within the past twelve months, then within the past three months. After screening for history of use, the Severity of Dependence Scale (SDS) is used. The SDS is a five-item validated measurement tool and the recommended screener in the evidence-based program, Marijuana Brief Intervention.

For questions or next steps after the screening process, contact Hazelden Publishing at 800-328-9000 and ask about Marijuana Brief Intervention or learn more here.


FREE SCREENING TOOL - History of Marijuana Use and Severity of Dependence Scale

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